This is the page where residents can post their own news stories.

Is there anything you want to give away? Are you holding a business or social event? Would you like to find, share or recommend a nanny or a cleaner? Do you know a restaurant, a shop or any other local supplier you’d like to tell the world about?

Are you seeking support for any local campaigns, including planning issues, environmental issues or charity events?

Email the details to (address) and we can display your story here.



Notting Hill Police Station: 7221 1212. 8246 10125.

Council Tax Line: 7361 3005.

Electoral Services: 7361 3444

Freedom Passes for the over 60s: 7361 3013

Green Bags for private garden waste

Buy for £3 for 10 at Market Office, Tavistock Road W11,

or Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8.

Library Information: 7361 3010

Noise Nuisance Services: 7361 3002

Out of Hours Service 7361 3484